Best Things to do on Ibiza Holidays

Balearic Island Ibiza is a Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean. Known as a party destination, there are many best things to do. In fact, this island takes you to dance parties, music and clubs. From world-famous beaches to interesting history and delicious food is really interesting. In addition, busy markets, beautiful rugged landscapes, and relaxed lifestyles invite you to do a little more on a Ibiza vacation. Every year thousands of tourists flock to the City of Ibiza. Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites, castles, museums, beach bars, cathedrals and artwork in Ibiza. You can also enjoy vibrant nightlife.


Ibiza Castle is one of the most important sights. Walk around here and see this beautiful landmark. In the hill town of Ibiza you can see the city. This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort contains the castle itself, the governor’s house, Almudyana fort and twelve towers. Architectural design from the 12th to 18th centuries is also extraordinary. The castle is led by signs leading to various regions, with a little history about the place. Witness the spectacular views of the city above with a holiday in Ibiza.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the best preserved cities in Europe. The old city is also one of the highlights of cheap holidays in Ibiza. Explore the streets of Dalt Vila and find a mix of old and modern structures. See high-end fashion boutiques on the left and medieval restaurants on the right.

Ibiza Cathedral

Explore Ibiza Cathedral while visiting the old city. Right under the castle of Ibiza. This cathedral is from the 14th century. In addition, the architecture is Gothic, but the interior contains a mixture of Gothic and Baroque styles. To get to the cathedral, you have to follow a steep road. And you can also see the view of the city by climbing.

Vedra Ice Rocks
This place is somewhat mysterious, unknown, uninhabited. That makes it interesting. Es Vedra is an island off the coast of Ibiza and the most striking aspect is the rock. In addition, this island is full of myths and legends. Even though one cannot deny the island’s magical power that conquers the eyes.

Cala Comte
With white sand and clear water, this is the perfect place for a vacation at the beach. Cala Comte is a 30-minute drive from the capital. In addition, this island offers views of several smaller islands and unique rock formations. So some people visit this beach, but it’s still a quieter and more peaceful place. The hotel also offers several outstanding restaurants in the area, such as Sunset Ashram, which has a stunning architectural design. Enjoy the heartbreaking views at night with music and relax and eat in the morning.

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